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Alexis Garcia has demonstrated a consistent proactive approach throughout her academic journey. Notably, during middle school, she achieved academic honors and received an invitation to enroll in an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) High School in Tucson, AZ. Despite the geographical transition from Phoenix, AZ, she recognized the potential for personal growth and academic advancement. In her freshman year she was a starting player on the girls’ varsity soccer team, engaged in the JROTC program, she pursued two years of Arabic language studies and displayed her musical talent by playing the cello. Demonstrating a proactive approach to learning and exploring new interests, Alexis enrolled in a Criminal Minds class, which sparked her interest in Criminology. Due to unforeseen family circumstances, Alexis relocated from Tucson, AZ, to Phoenix, AZ, where she successfully graduated a year ahead of schedule as a Junior.


From an early age, Alexis actively sought out summer internship opportunities, ultimately interning with the Phoenix Fire Medical Division. Her exceptional performance in organizing Emergency Medical Technician records and creating a precise pocket-sized version of Paramedic Standing Orders and drug profiles earned her an award. Shortly after, she enrolled in the Leaf Bankworks Career Training Program to enhance her expertise in money management and develop proficiency in business etiquette and banking regulations. Upon completing the program, she demonstrated exceptional aptitude in financial matters. Alexis attained her life producer's license from the state of Arizona and pursued further education in the insurance industry, securities, stocks, bonds, wills, and related areas.


Having explored various career paths at a young age, Alexis is driven by a strong desire to uphold ethical standards and serve the community. This journey has led her to recognize her passion for positively impacting people's lives. Providing excellent interpersonal skills and fostering strong professional relationships with diverse individuals.


Coming from a traditional Hispanic background, she excels in establishing strong rapport with our clients and delving into their needs at a profound level. Her fervent drive to pursue justice for transgressions has propelled her to further her education in the legal sphere, aspiring to acquire knowledge and become a pillar for her community.

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