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If you are facing sex crimes charges, hiring a skilled and experienced sex crime defense attorney can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a devastating one. Josh Kolsrud can help you understand your charges, build a strong defense, negotiate with the prosecution, and protect your rights in court.

During Josh’s 14 years as a state, international, and federal prosecutor, and as a senior trial attorney, he tried over 100 cases to verdict. He has also handled over 3,500 criminal cases during his career as both a prosecutor and defense attorney - understanding the process from both sides.


With his extensive experience as a prosecutor, having Josh fight on your side gives you a winning advantage. He fully understands what to look for and how to challenge the prosecution.


Josh and his team will work tirelessly to defend your rights and protect your interests throughout the legal process. We have a deep understanding of federal laws and can provide the expert guidance you need to build a strong defense and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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What are Arizona Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are serious offenses that can carry severe consequences in Arizona. The state has stringent laws in place to protect victims of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. For anyone accused of a sex crime in Arizona, it is crucial to have an experienced defense attorney on your side to navigate the complex legal system.

Arizona's laws on sex crimes are generally divided into three categories:


  • Sexual Assault / Sex Abuse / Rape
  • Sexual Conduct with a Minor / Luring a Minor (DCAC)
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor / Child Pornography (DCAC)


Sexual assault refers to any non-consensual sexual activity, including rape, sexual battery, and sexual abuse.


Sexual conduct with a minor, a Dangerous Crime Against Children (DCAC), involves sexual activity with someone under the age of 18, with variations of penalties depending on the victims age, such as between the ages of 15 to 17, 12 to 15, or under the age of 12.


Sexual exploitation of a minor refers to the use of a minor in a sexual performance or the production of sexual material or child pornography.

Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC) Offenses

DCAC offenses are sexual crimes committed against minors under the age of 15. Dangerous Crimes Against Children offenses include sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child, sexual exploitation of a minor, and child pornography.


DCAC offenses carry enhanced penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences, and can result in a lifetime of consequences, including sex offender registration.

It is important to note that mandatory minimum sentences are just the minimum sentence that a judge must impose. The actual sentence can still be much harsher depending on the specific circumstances of the case. For example, aggravating factors such as violence or the use of a weapon can result in a longer prison sentence.

If you are facing charges for a sex crime in Arizona, it is important to seek the help of an experienced defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes. They can review the evidence against you, explain the potential consequences of a conviction, and build a strong defense to protect your rights.

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