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disorderly conduct example

Feb 14 2024

Arizona Criminal DefenseUncategorized

Disorderly Conduct Law in Arizona: ARS 13-2904

This article discusses the following: What is Disorderly Conduct in Arizona: ARS 13-2904  What Does Disturbing the Peace Mean  Is Cursing Considered Disorderly Conduct?  Drunk and Disorderly Charges Is Domestic Violence Considered Disorderly Conduct?  What are the Penalties for Disorderly ...
juvenile vandalism

Feb 2 2024

Arizona Criminal DefenseJuvenile Crimes

Juvenile Vandalism Defenses and Penalties Under Arizona Law

This article discusses the following: What is the Definition of Vandalism Under Arizona Law  Is Graffiti Considered Vandalism?  Consequences of a Juvenile Vandalism Charge  What If I Accidentally Vandalized Someone's Property  How Does the Juvenile Court System Work  Defense Strategies ...
girl in jail as punishment for juvenile crime

Jan 20 2024

Arizona Criminal DefenseJuvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes in Arizona: Punishments and Defenses

This article discusses the following: Your Rights During a Juvenile Arrest What are Juvenile Crimes and Their Punishments  How Does Juvenile Court Work in Arizona  When Can Juveniles Be Tried as Adults What are Defenses for Juvenile Crimes  The Role ...
two members of a criminal gang

Jan 14 2024

Arizona Criminal DefenseGang Related

Gang Related Charges: Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

This article discusses the following: Is Gang Affiliation Illegal?  How Does Arizona Define a Criminal Street Gang  Threat and Intimidation Laws in Arizona Differences Between a Gang and a Criminal Syndicate Defense Strategies For Gang-Related Charges Frequently Asked Questions on ...
illegal firearm possession in Arizona

Jan 9 2024

Arizona Criminal DefenseFirearm Crimes / Gun Charges

Illegal Firearm Possession and Prohibited Weapons in Arizona

This article discusses the following: ARS § 13-3101 and ARS § 13-3102: Firearm Law Prohibited Firearms in Arizona What Happens if I'm Caught With a Prohibited Weapon  Prohibited Possessors: Understanding Restrictions Under Arizona Law Restoring Gun Rights in Arizona Frequently ...
intentional assault against someone

Dec 28 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseAssault

Simple Assault Charge in Arizona: Defense Strategies

This article discusses the following: What are Misdemeanor Assault Charges  The Difference Between Assault and Battery in Arizona How Does Simple Assault Differ from Aggravated Assault in Arizona  Penalties for Simple Assault in Arizona Defenses for Simple Assault Charges How ...
possession of methamphetamine in arizona

Dec 21 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseDrug CrimesDrug TraffickingFederal Crimes DefenseIllegal Drug Importation

Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona

This article discusses the following: Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona: Legal Implications and Penalties Understanding Methamphetamine Charges in Arizona What is the "Drug Threshold" for Meth Possession in Arizona Defense Strategies for Methamphetamine Charges  Frequently Asked Questions How A Criminal ...
different types of drug paraphernalia

Dec 14 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseDrug CrimesDrug TraffickingFederal Crimes DefenseIllegal Drug Importation

Arizona Drug Paraphernalia Offense Under A.R.S 13-3415

This article discusses the following: What is Considered Drug Paraphernalia in Arizona How the Court Determines What is Considered Drug Paraphernalia Is Drug Paraphernalia Legal to Sell and Purchase in Arizona? Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia Offense  Defenses Against Drug Paraphernalia ...
bailing someone out of jail in arizona

Dec 2 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseFederal Crimes DefenseUncategorized

How Does Bailing Someone Out of Jail Work in Arizona

This article discusses the following: Understanding Bail Bonds: Definition According to Arizona Statutes Types of Bail Bonds in Arizona How to Obtain a Bail Bond in Arizona: Step-by-Step Process  Understanding Excessive Bail in the Arizona Legal System Differences Between Bail ...
accused of shoplifting on black Friday

Nov 22 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseTheft / Shoplifting

Black Friday and Shoplifting Accusations

This article discusses the following: Black Friday Theft Statistics Understanding Shoplifting Charges in Arizona Legal Consequences of Shoplifting on Black Friday Defense Strategies for Shoplifting Accusations The Role of Surveillance and Witnesses in Shoplifting Cases What Happens When You Confess ...
can you go to jail for scamming someone online

Nov 16 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseCybercrimesFederal Crimes Defense

Online Scams: Can You Go To Jail For It?

This article discusses the following: Definition and Characteristics of Online Scams  Types of Online Scams AI-Driven Online Scams How Do Police Track Down Scammers When Does the Federal Government Get Involved with Online Scams? Penalties for Online Scams in Arizona ...

Nov 10 2023

Arizona Criminal DefenseCredit Card FraudCybercrimesDomestic ViolenceDUI / DWI

Common Holiday Crimes and Their Penalties

This article discusses the following: Shoplifting During the Holidays  Penalties for Shoplifting Identity Theft Penalties for Identity Theft Domestic Violence Penalties Domestic Violence Frequently Asked Questions Contact a Defense Attorney Today   The holiday season, a time of celebration and joy, ...

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