Luring a Minor in Arizona

When facing charges related to luring a minor for sexual exploitation in Arizona, the legal complexities and potential penalties can be daunting. This serious crime involves attempting to lure or entice a minor, or someone posing as a minor, for sexual purposes.


The penalties vary based on the nature of the offense, whether it's a first-time or repeat offense, and the presence of aggravating factors. Conviction can result in substantial prison sentences, fines, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and stringent probation conditions.


Defense against such charges requires an in-depth understanding of the specific laws and legal standards that apply, including the statutes defining the crime, potential defenses, and best practices for challenging the evidence and accusations.


Aggravated forms of this crime, involving particularly serious circumstances, carry even more severe penalties. Individuals accused of these crimes must act fast to protect their rights and future, talk to a legal professional with experience in defending against sex crimes in Arizona.

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ARS 13-3554 Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation Overview

Overview of Luring a Minor Arizona ARS § 13-3554

Per Arizona Revised Statute 13-3554, luring a minor for sexual exploitation is illegal, and it refers to the act of proposing or seeking sexual conduct with someone else, all the while being aware or having cause to think that the other party is a minor.


Notably, asserting that the involved individual is not actually a minor does not function as a legitimate defense to this charge, although there are alternative methods your defense lawyer may utilize to contest this accusation.


This law classifies luring a minor as a class 3 felony, a grave offense carrying considerable potential consequences such as financial penalties and incarceration. Additionally, if the minor involved is younger than fifteen years old, the punishments may be even more rigorous, as governed by ARS 13-705 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.


Those found guilty are subject to restrictions on suspending a sentence, probation, pardon, or being freed from incarceration.


Such alternatives are only permissible if explicitly allowed by section 31-233, subsection A or B of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The person found guilty must complete the sentence imposed by the court or investigate potential avenues for commutation.

Class 3 felony penalties

Penalties for Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation

Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation is a high-level offense in Arizona, and it is classified as a Class 3 Felony. The charges and penalties for this crime can be severe and are heavily dependent on the specific circumstances of the case, including any prior convictions and the age of the alleged victim.


Possible Arizona Class 3 Felony Punishments

The crime of luring a minor for sexual exploitation can result in a wide range of penalties. The punishments are categorized based on the presence of prior convictions, the involvement of an actual minor, and the age of that minor.


  • First Offense: Probation with 0 to 1 year in jail or prison range of 2 to 8.75 years.
  • One Prior Conviction: “Prison only” range of 3.5 to 16.25 years.
  • Two Prior Convictions: “Prison only” range of 7.5 to 25 years.
  • Involvement of Actual Minor Under the Age of 15 Years Old (DCAC): 5 to 15 years in prison.
    • With One Previous Predicate Felony (including prior DCAC): Minimum 8 years to maximum 22 years.
    • Conviction of Two Counts (DCAC): Minimum 10 years, and all other ranges double.

When the purported minor is under 15 years old, it is classified as a Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC), and the entire years in prison sentence must be served without the possibility of early release.


Additional Penalty Information

The consequences of a conviction for luring a minor for sexual exploitation extend beyond imprisonment:


  • Sex Offender Registration: Lifetime registration on the Arizona sex offender registry is required.
  • Contact Restrictions: No contact with anyone under 18, including your own children, without extensive testing and consent from a Probation Officer.

Below is a summary table of possible punishments:


Offense Type Punishment
First Offense Class 3 Felony Probation with 0 to 1 year in jail, or 2 to 8.75 years in prison
One Historical Prior Conviction 3.5 to 16.25 years of incarceration (prison only)
Two Historical Prior Convictions 7.5 to 25 years of incarceration (prison only)
Luring Actual Minor Under 15 (DCAC) 5 to 15 years incarceration (each conviction)
Convicted of Previous Predicate Felony (including DCAC) 8 to 22 years (each conviction)

Be Prepared for What May Follow

In cases where the prosecution doubts the strength of their case, they might go to great lengths to secure search warrants for your residence, vehicle, or office.


With a valid warrant, they can seize and clone electronic devices used for communication with the alleged minor. Being prepared for this possibility is essential, as it allows you to take appropriate actions in defending against the charges.


The defense of such serious allegations requires an expert criminal defense lawyer who understands the complexities of sex crime charges in Arizona. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, they can craft a defense tailored to your unique situation, working to protect your rights and ensure a just legal process.


Related Crimes to Luring a Minor

When alleged charges of luring a child, other additional types of felony charges may be brought up including:


  • Federal 18 US Code 1591 - Child Sex Trafficking
  • ARS 13-1307 - Human Trafficking
  • ARS 13-3553 – Sexual exploitation of a minor
  • ARS 13-1403 – Public sexual indecency
  • ARS 13-1404 – Sexual abuse charges
  • ARS 13-1406 – Sexual assault charges
  • ARS 13-3821 – Failure to register as a sex offender
  • ARS 13-3211 – Solicitation of child prostitution
  • ARS 13-1304 – Kidnapping charges
  • ARS 13-3602 – Restraining Order of Protection Violation
Sex crime attorney winning defense strategy

The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes Charges in Arizona

It's a common misconception that conviction requires the alleged victim to be a real minor. The statute ARS 13-3554 makes it clear that this isn't a defense. The convictions are mainly based on the defendant's intent and not the identity of the victim.


However, there are other possible defenses to the charge. Some possible defenses include:

  • Proving Lack of Intent

    Demonstration of lack of intent for sexual exploitation, such as lack of evidence like condoms, unusual cash, gifts, or explicit communication.

  • Challenging Forensic Evidence

    This may involve the analysis of blood, breath, urine, fingerprints, DNA, and computer analysis.

  • Entrapment

    The defense here argues that the authorities or their agents encouraged the accused to commit the crime, something they would not have done otherwise.

  • Mistaken Identity

    Challenges may be raised against the correctness of the identification of the accused due to factors such as poor visibility, distance, or untrustworthy eyewitness reports.

  • Age Verification

    If the accused had reasonable belief that the person they were in contact with was not a minor, it could be argued the accused was under the impression that the victim is not a minor, and took reasonable care.

  • Parental Consent

    This argument may assert that the accused received consent from a minor’s guardian, undermining criminal intent allegations.

  • Lack of Clear Communication

    The defense might contend that the discussions were unclear or vague, lacking explicit consent to sexual exploitation.

  • Digital Evidence Authentication

    With digital communication being common, the defense may challenge the validity or possible manipulation of electronic evidence.

  • Mental Incapacity

    If mental capacity was compromised, the defense could claim the accused couldn't know or have reason to form criminal intent.

  • Challenging Search Warrants

    Addressing the validity of search warrants and exposing forensic flaws during the investigation.

  • Exposing Flawed Police Work

    Including misstatements, false statements, flawed photo line-ups, and inaccurate crime scene reconstruction.

  • Miranda Rights Violation

    Your constitutional right to remain silent. Suppressing any coerced confessions or inculpatory statements, or evidence gathered as a result of those statements.

It must be noted that these strategies are highly case-specific. Criminal defense attorneys skilled in handling luring a minor for sexual exploitation cases adapt their strategies according to the particulars, evidence, and legal considerations involved.


Evidence vs. No Evidence: The Critical Factor

Many are surprised to learn that they can be charged with luring a minor even if the other party was an adult. Arizona's statute is explicit on this point, so the defendant must prove that they had no intention to engage in a sexual act with a minor.


Though it may seem ironic, the likelihood of the statute changing is low. The prosecution, without evidence like sex toys, condoms, or large amounts of cash, often has little to go on. They might even attempt a conviction for solicitation of child prostitution if you were found with a significant amount of money.


Without these factors, claiming that the intent was friendship becomes a more defensible position in court.


The Necessity of a Sex Crimes Defense Law Firm

In Arizona, having a specialized defense law firm is paramount for anyone accused of luring a minor for sexual exploitation. Here's why:

  • Expertise in Assessing Charges: An experienced law firm can accurately assess the charges and potential defenses available.
  • Negotiating Plea Deals: If appropriate, aggressively negotiate plea deals that consider the accused's rights.
  • Familiarity with Local Courts: Knowledge of the local court system to ensure the accused is taken seriously.

Firms like Kolsrud Law Offices have specialized experience in challenging accusations involving sex crimes, including luring a minor for sexual exploitation.


Utilizing extensive research materials and trained attorneys, they can scrutinize the interviewing process, exposing any leading questions that may have prompted the alleged victim to charge the defendant.

Are police sting operations legal in Arizona?

Common Question: Are Police Stings Legal?

Police stings, often used to catch individuals engaging in illegal activities, have been a topic of legal debate and discussion. They are typically legal but must adhere to certain guidelines and ethical considerations. Below, we will explore two subtopics related to the legality of police stings.


The Legality of Police Sting Operation in Arizona

In Arizona, police stings are considered legal as long as they are conducted within the bounds of the law. Officers can set up operations to catch individuals involved in crimes such as luring a minor for sexual exploitation, as outlined in ARS 13-3554.


However, it is imperative that law enforcement does not overstep their boundaries and create a situation that would be considered entrapment.


Ethical Considerations and Guidelines

The ethical considerations tied to police stings are equally as crucial as the legal framework. Law enforcement agencies must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that their conduct remains within the scope of the law.


These guidelines often involve:

  • Ensuring Transparency: Proper authorization and oversight must be in place.
  • Avoiding Entrapment: Officers must not induce or persuade an individual to commit a crime that they otherwise would not have committed.
  • Respecting Individual Rights: Upholding the constitutional rights of individuals, including privacy and due process.

In conclusion, police stings are legal but are governed by a complex set of rules that require careful adherence to both legal and ethical principles. Understanding these complexities is often essential in criminal defense, especially in cases involving charges like luring a minor for sexual exploitation under ARS 13-3554, where such stings are commonly employed.

Why Choose Kolsrud Law Offices to Defend You

Why Choose Kolsrud Law Offices to Defend You

When facing serious charges like luring a minor in Arizona, having the best experienced sex crimes attorney is essential. At Kolsrud Law Offices, we offer unparalleled support, expertise, and commitment to our clients, providing them with the best possible defense. Here's why choosing us makes sense:


  • Experience Counts: AV Preeminent Rated Attorney Josh Kolsrud has years of experience defending clients against criminal charges, including sex crimes. We have handled a high percentage of “Sex Crimes” cases involving private counsel in the State of Arizona, allowing us to draw on a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize all the needs of our clients, ensuring they are informed at every step and their rights are protected. Our attorneys work closely with you to understand your specific situation and craft a legal strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Knowledge of Arizona and Federal Law: Our profound expertise in Arizona's legal system and our Federal system positions us as a top criminal defense firm capable of efficiently handling even the most intricate cases. We have one of the largest libraries with research materials devoted to challenging accusations involving sex crimes, including Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation.
  • Specialized Training in Sex Crimes: Our crimes attorneys have been highly trained in the clinical and forensic interviewing techniques of children and their families. This specialized skill set enables us to effectively question detectives and other mental health professionals who may have initially interviewed the alleged victim, often revealing inconsistencies or flaws in their process.

Being accused of luring a minor in Arizona is a serious matter that demands focused and skilled legal representation.


By understanding the nature of these charges and the potential defenses available, you can take steps to protect your rights and future.


With the expert guidance of Kolsrud Law Offices, you can be confident that your case is in the best possible hands. Our dedication to defending your rights and securing a favorable outcome is our utmost priority.

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