Common Holiday Crimes and Their Penalties

4 most common holiday crimes

The holiday season, a time of celebration and joy, often paradoxically sees a spike in certain criminal activities. Understanding why crime rates increase during this period is crucial for both public awareness and legal defense. In Arizona, this trend is reflected in various offenses, including shoplifting, identity theft, domestic violence, and DUIs.

shoplifting increase during the holidays

Shoplifting During the Holidays

The holiday season, often characterized by a rush of shoppers and bustling marketplaces, unfortunately, brings with it a notable increase in shoplifting incidents.


This surge can be attributed to various factors, including the sheer volume of shoppers that provides anonymity for those engaging in theft, as well as the heightened financial and social pressures associated with the season.


  • Increased Opportunities: The holiday season's crowded stores make it easier for shoplifters to operate unnoticed. The chaos and busy nature of retail environments during this period often lead to lapses in security measures.
  • Financial and Social Pressures: Economic challenges, coupled with the societal pressure to give gifts during the holidays, can push individuals towards shoplifting as a means to fulfill these expectations.
  • Vulnerability of Certain Items: High-demand holiday items, such as electronics and designer goods, are particularly vulnerable to shoplifting.

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Penalties for Shoplifting

Under Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1805, shoplifting is defined as knowingly obtaining goods from a retail establishment without paying for them.


The statute classifies shoplifting offenses based on the value of the stolen items:


  • Items valued at less than $1,000: Generally considered a misdemeanor, unless the item is a firearm, in which case it is a felony.
  • Items valued at $1,000 or more: Classified as a felony, with penalties increasing with the value of the stolen property.
  • Use of Artifice, Instrument, Container, Device, or Other Article: Enhances the offense, potentially leading to more severe charges.

The penalties for shoplifting can range from fines and community service to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the crime and the individual’s criminal history.


First-time offenders may face lighter sentences, but repeated offenses can lead to harsher punishments, including significant jail time.

identity theft increase during the holidays

Identity Theft

The holiday season, characterized by intense shopping activity and numerous financial transactions, also coincides with a notable increase in incidents of identity theft.


This form of crime involves the unauthorized use of someone else's personal information for financial gain, and it can have long-lasting consequences for victims.


The increase in online and in-store transactions during the holidays provides ample opportunities for criminals to exploit vulnerabilities.


  • Increased Online and Retail Transactions: The convenience of online shopping attracts not only consumers but also cybercriminals. They often use phishing scams, fake websites, and unsecured Wi-Fi networks to steal personal information.
  • Skimming and Other In-Store Risks: Physical stores are not immune to the risk of identity theft. Skimming devices on card readers and ATMs, as well as shoulder surfing, are common tactics used to steal personal information.

Penalties for Identity Theft

Under Arizona law, identity theft is a serious crime, and the state has implemented stringent measures to combat it.


According to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-2008 and § 13-2009, identity theft includes knowingly taking, purchasing, manufacturing, recording, possessing, or using any personal identifying information of another person without consent for any unlawful purpose.


The penalties for identity theft in Arizona are severe and can include:


  • Fines and Restitution: Convicted individuals may be required to pay substantial fines and restitution to the victims.
  • Imprisonment: Depending on the severity and nature of the offense, sentences can range from several months to several years in prison.
  • Probation and Community Service: In some cases, offenders may be sentenced to probation and community service, especially for less severe offenses.
domestic violence increase in holidays

Domestic Violence

The holiday season, often portrayed as a time of harmony and family unity, can unfortunately also see a rise in domestic violence incidents.


This increase is attributed to a combination of factors, including heightened stress levels, increased alcohol consumption, and family gatherings that can exacerbate existing tensions.


  • Stress and Expectations: The holidays can amplify stress due to financial pressures, social expectations, and family dynamics. This heightened tension can sometimes lead to conflicts and, in extreme cases, domestic violence.
  • Alcohol Consumption: The festive season often involves increased alcohol consumption, which can impair judgment and lower inhibitions, potentially leading to aggressive behavior.
  • Family Gatherings: While often joyous, family gatherings can also reignite old conflicts and strain relationships, potentially escalating to violence.

Penalties for a Domestic Violence Charge

In Arizona, domestic violence is taken very seriously and is addressed under Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-3601.


This statute defines domestic violence as a range of behaviors when committed against a family member, a household member, or someone in a romantic or sexual relationship with the perpetrator.


These behaviors include physical assault, threatening, intimidating, harassment, and more.


The legal consequences of domestic violence in Arizona can be severe, and they vary depending on the nature of the offense:


  • Protective Orders: Victims of domestic violence can obtain protective orders, which restrict the perpetrator from contacting or approaching them.
  • Criminal Charges: Charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Mandatory Counseling: Perpetrators of domestic violence may be required to undergo counseling as part of their sentence.
increase of DUI over the holiday


The holiday season, a time of festivities and celebrations, often sees a substantial increase in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offenses.


This spike is largely due to more social gatherings where alcohol is consumed, coupled with a culture of holiday parties and events.


Understanding the legal ramifications of DUI in Arizona, particularly during the holiday season, is critical for both prevention and legal defense.


  • Increased Social Events with Alcohol: The prevalence of office parties, family gatherings, and social events where alcohol is served increases the risk of individuals driving under the influence.
  • Heightened Law Enforcement: Arizona law enforcement agencies are acutely aware of this trend and often increase patrols and checkpoints during the holiday season to combat DUI incidents.
  • Severe Weather Conditions: Winter weather conditions can also contribute to driving hazards, compounding the dangers of driving under the influence.


The Governor's Office of Highway Safety in Arizona released data showing more than 2,000 arrests for driving under the influence during the holiday season, covering a period of nearly five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The data indicated that most of these DUI arrests involved misdemeanor charges, while 415 were considered extreme cases, and another 262 were aggravated cases.

Penalties for a DUI

Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the United States.


The Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-1381 outlines the legal definition of DUI and the associated penalties.


A DUI offense in Arizona can include driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, or driving while impaired to the slightest degree by alcohol or drugs.


The penalties for a DUI in Arizona are severe and include:


  • Mandatory Jail Time: Even for a first offense, there is a minimum jail sentence.
  • Fines and Fees: Conviction of a DUI can result in substantial fines and fees.
  • License Suspension: DUI convictions often lead to driver's license suspension or revocation.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: Offenders may be required to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I protect myself from holiday crimes?

A: To protect yourself from holiday crimes, it is important to be cautious while shopping, avoid leaving valuable items in the car, be mindful of your surroundings, and consider using secure payment methods when making purchases.


Q: What should I do if I become a victim of a holiday crime?

A: If you become a victim of a holiday crime, it's crucial to report the incident to the authorities and seek support from a law office or attorney who specializes in criminal defense. They can assist you in understanding your legal rights and options.


Q: Does the pandemic have an influence on holiday crime rates?

A: The pandemic has reportedly influenced holiday crime rates, as it has created financial strain for some individuals and heightened emotions in others. Additionally, the shift towards online shopping has led to an increase in cyber-related crimes during the holiday season.


Q: How can I avoid falling victim to holiday scams?

A: To avoid falling victim to holiday scams, it is important to be cautious when shopping online, verify the legitimacy of websites and sellers, avoid sharing sensitive information, and refrain from clicking on suspicious links or offers that seem too good to be true.


Q: What emotional factors contribute to crimes during the holidays?

A: Heightened emotions, stress, and the pressure to fulfill societal expectations, such as buying gifts and attending events, can contribute to increased criminal activity during the holidays. These emotional factors can make individuals more vulnerable to becoming both victims and perpetrators of crime.


Q: How can a criminal defense attorney help with holiday-related legal issues?

A: A criminal defense attorney can provide legal representation, guidance, and support for individuals who are facing holiday-related legal issues such as arrests, charges, and allegations. They can assist in building a strong defense and advocating for the best possible outcome for their clients.

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