Simple Assault Charge in Arizona: Defense Strategies

intentional assault against someone

This article discusses the following: What are Misdemeanor Assault Charges  The Difference Between Assault and Battery in Arizona How Does Simple Assault Differ from Aggravated Assault in Arizona  Penalties for Simple Assault in Arizona Defenses for Simple Assault Charges How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help In Arizona, a simple assault, as defined under Arizona…

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Whether to Accept a Plea Bargain in an Arizona Criminal Case or Not

plea bargain negotiaion

This article discusses the following: Understanding the Types of Plea Deals in Arizona Pros and Cons of Plea Bargains Potential Consequences for the Defense When Accepting a Plea Bargain Rejecting a Plea Bargain and Your Next Steps Frequently Asked Questions How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help At Kolsrud Law Offices, we understand that accepting…

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Diversion Programs Offered in Arizona

Community service diversion programs

This article discusses the following:   How Arizona Misdemeanor Diversion Programs Work Who Can Participate in a Diversion Program Diversion Program Requirements and Costs Felony Diversion Program (formerly Drug Diversion and Felony Pretrial Intervention Program) Domestic Violence Excessive Response Diversion (DVER) Frequently Asked Questions How A Criminal Defense Attorney can help If you’ve been charged…

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Difference Between Federal Crime and Arizona State Level Crime

federal crimes

This article discusses the following: Understanding the Jurisdictional Differences: Federal versus State Laws in Arizona The Implication of Dual Sovereignty in Prosecution: How One Act Can Be a Crime at Both Levels The Fundamental Distinctions in Arizona State Laws versus Federal Laws Analyzing Key Aspects of Federal Criminal Law: The United States Code Influence of…

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Accused of Using a Weapon During a Bank Robbery


This article discusses the following: Federal Bank Robbery Act and its Ramifications Deciphering ‘Weapons’: A Broad Definition in Bank Robbery Cases Arizona’s State Laws and Their Influence How Do Armed Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Charges Differ? The Intricacies of Federal Sentencing Guidelines Defenses to Armed Robbery Bank robbery is a serious crime, especially when weapons…

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Types of Human Trafficking Offenses

sex trafficking

This article discusses the following: An Overview of Human Trafficking Sex Trafficking Peonage Involuntary Servitude Forced Labor Trafficking Concerning Peonage, Involuntary Servitude, or Forced Labor: An In-Depth Understanding Legal Defenses and Rights When Wrongly Accused of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a term that covers a range of illegal activities. At its heart, human trafficking…

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