Navigating FCA and SBA Enforcement: Viet Life Styles November 2023


November 2023 - Viet LifeStyles Magazine


In the November 2023 issue of Viet LifeStyles Magazine, Joshua Kolsrud discusses the increasing enforcement of the False Claims Act (FCA) by the U.S. Attorney's Office, particularly in relation to Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. The FCA, also known as the "Lincoln Law", aims to punish those who defraud governmental programs, with whistleblowers incentivized to come forward. With the rise in FCA prosecutions related to fraudulent SBA loan applications, minority business owners are advised to exercise caution to avoid unintentional inaccuracies that could lead to FCA violations.


The article emphasizes the importance of understanding the criteria for SBA loans, maintaining clear financial records, seeking legal advice, asking for clarification when needed, and regularly reviewing loan terms to ensure compliance. Specific crimes and penalties associated with FCA and SBA violations are outlined, including fines, imprisonment, and severe consequences for intentional fraud or misuse of loan proceeds.


Joshua Kolsrud, an experienced defense attorney, is highlighted for his invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of FCA and SBA-related prosecutions. He offers strategic defense, negotiation with prosecutors, and representation in court to ensure that defendants are adequately represented and their rights protected.


Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Kolsrud

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Kolsrud

The article serves as a guide for minority business owners to avoid unintentional inaccuracies on SBA loan applications and potential FCA violations. It underscores the necessity of legal counsel in cases of investigation or charges related to FCA and SBA violations, emphasizing the severe penalties that can result from deliberate fraud or misuse of loan funds. Overall, the article provides important insights into staying on the right side of the law and navigating the legal landscape surrounding FCA and SBA enforcement.


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