Community on Edge as Arrests Awaited in Preston Lord’s Death


January 22, 2024 - ABC 15 News - Queen Creek AZ

Three months after the tragic death of Preston Lord, the community in Queen Creek is still waiting for arrests to be made in connection to the case. Charges were referred to county prosecutors 25 days ago, but no arrests have been made and the specific charges remain shrouded in mystery. Speculation and questions are swirling around Queen Creek, with residents expressing frustration and suspicion over the lack of progress in the case.


"Why [are] there no arrests, and why has it been this long that there’s nothing? It leads to so much suspicion," said Ann Doucette, a supporter of Preston Lord's family who spoke at a recent town council meeting.


Despite the Queen Creek Police Department referring charges for seven individuals, there have been no arrests, leaving the public in the dark. The silence from authorities has fueled rumors and allegations of a cover-up, further intensifying the unrest in the community.


"It is questionable why it is taking this long to move forward with criminal charges," said Attorney Josh Kolsrud, a former prosecutor, highlighting the frustrations of many in the community.


The county prosecutor has stated that the case is still under review, with over 2,000 pieces of evidence to consider. This delay has raised concerns among residents and supporters of Preston Lord, who are seeking justice for his untimely death.


A vigil and walk for Preston Lord will be held to honor his memory and demand accountability for his tragic passing. The community continues to push for answers and closure as they grapple with the unanswered questions surrounding Preston's death.


In the words of Attorney Josh Kolsrud, "If Maricopa County was going to charge the case they would have done so already... The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has been involved with this case from day one, there isn't a single piece of evidence, there's not a single interview that they don't already know about, they are the quarterback of the investigation."


The community remains hopeful that justice will be served for Preston Lord, as they come together to seek the truth and bring closure to this heartbreaking chapter.

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