Common Holiday Crimes and Their Penalties


This article discusses the following: Shoplifting During the Holidays  Penalties for Shoplifting Identity Theft Penalties for Identity Theft Domestic Violence Penalties Domestic Violence Frequently Asked Questions Contact a Defense Attorney Today   The holiday season, a time of celebration and joy, often paradoxically sees a spike in certain criminal activities. Understanding why crime rates increase during…

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Criminal Protections in the Constitution: 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments


This article discusses the following: The 4th Amendment: Protection Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures The 5th Amendment: The Right to Due Process and Protection Against Self-Incrimination The 6th Amendment: The Right to a Speedy and Public Trial, and Other Trial Rights Exclusionary Rule and Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine Miranda Rights and the 5th…

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What Does “Stacking Charges” Mean in a Criminal Case?

stacking charges

This article discusses the following: Understanding “Stacking Charges” in Federal Law Implications for Federal Cases in Arizona Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Stacked Charges Hypothetical Scenario: Stacked Charges in a Federal Drug Case Prosecutorial Tactics in Stacking Federal Charges Defending Against Stacked Charges in Federal Cases If you’re facing multiple charges for one event, you’re dealing…

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Different Types of Bail Bonds

different types of bail bonds

This article discusses the following: What are Bail Bonds,  and How Does the Process Work? Surety Bonds Cash Bail Bonds  Property Bonds  Citation Release  Recognizance Release Immigration Bail Bonds  Federal Bail Bonds  How a Criminal Defense Attorney can Help Understanding how the seven different types of bail bonds work and their role in the legal…

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Drug Charges Elevated to a Felony

drug charges become felonies

This article discusses the following: What is a Felony Drug Charge  What is a Misdemeanor Drug Charge  Why Was My Misdemeanor Charge Elevated to a Felony Charge What is Possession with Intent Can Prescription Drugs Lead to a Felony Charge? Fighting Felony Drug Charges  Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney  Drug charges elevated to a felony…

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Solicitation of Prostitution Charges

solicitation of prostitution

This article discusses the following: What is Solicitation of Prostitution in Phoenix Prostitution Laws in Arizona What You Should Know About Sting Operations  What Should I Do If I’m Arrested During a “Prostitution Sting” in Arizona? Penalties for Solicitation of Prostitution  Defenses Against Solicitation Charges  How a Criminal Defense Attorney can Help In Phoenix, Arizona,…

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White Collar Crimes & Investigations

under investigation white collar crime

This article discusses the following: What is White Collar Crime?  Signs You’re the Target of an Investigation What Agencies Investigate White Collar Crimes?  What Types of Evidence are Used to Prosecute White-Collar Crimes? Defenses Against White Collar Crimes  Contact an Experienced Defense Attorney In Arizona, the implications of being associated with white collar crimes can…

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Selling Prescription Drugs in Arizona

selling prescription drugs

This article discusses the following: Can I Face Charges for Possessing My Friend’s Prescription Is Sharing My Prescription with Someone Else Considered Selling? Can I Face Federal Charges for Selling Prescription Drugs? Can Felony Drug Charges Be Reduced? Frequently Asked Questions  How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Prescription drug offenses are primarily governed by…

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The Reliability of Child Witness Testimony in Criminal Cases

reliability of child witness testimony in criminal cases

This article discusses the following: Types of Criminal Cases Where a Child Witness Might Testify Issues Related to the Reliability of Child Testimony in Criminal Cases Can a Child Witness Be Excluded from Testifying?  Children Testifying in Sex Crime Cases Examples of Inconsistent Statements in Sex Offense Cases Defenses against a Child’s Witness Testimony FAQs…

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DNA Testing Laws and Regulations- ARS-13-610

dna testing laws in arizona

This article discusses the following: What is the DNA law in Arizona? Can police use DNA without my consent? Can police access DNA databases? What happens if you refuse to give DNA? What is familial DNA? How a criminal defense attorney can help.  In Arizona, DNA testing in criminal cases is governed by Arizona Revised…

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