What Does “Stacking Charges” Mean in a Criminal Case?

stacking charges

This article discusses the following: Understanding “Stacking Charges” in Federal Law Implications for Federal Cases in Arizona Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Stacked Charges Hypothetical Scenario: Stacked Charges in a Federal Drug Case Prosecutorial Tactics in Stacking Federal Charges Defending Against Stacked Charges in Federal Cases If you’re facing multiple charges for one event, you’re dealing…

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Whether to Accept a Plea Bargain in an Arizona Criminal Case or Not

plea bargain negotiaion

This article discusses the following: Understanding the Types of Plea Deals in Arizona Pros and Cons of Plea Bargains Potential Consequences for the Defense When Accepting a Plea Bargain Rejecting a Plea Bargain and Your Next Steps Frequently Asked Questions How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help At Kolsrud Law Offices, we understand that accepting…

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