Solicitation of Prostitution Charges

solicitation of prostitution

This article discusses the following: What is Solicitation of Prostitution in Phoenix Prostitution Laws in Arizona What You Should Know About Sting Operations  What Should I Do If I’m Arrested During a “Prostitution Sting” in Arizona? Penalties for Solicitation of Prostitution  Defenses Against Solicitation Charges  How a Criminal Defense Attorney can Help In Phoenix, Arizona,…

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The Reliability of Child Witness Testimony in Criminal Cases

reliability of child witness testimony in criminal cases

This article discusses the following: Types of Criminal Cases Where a Child Witness Might Testify Issues Related to the Reliability of Child Testimony in Criminal Cases Can a Child Witness Be Excluded from Testifying?  Children Testifying in Sex Crime Cases Examples of Inconsistent Statements in Sex Offense Cases Defenses against a Child’s Witness Testimony FAQs…

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Romeo and Juliet Law in Arizona

romeo and juliet laws in arizona

This article discusses the following:   What is the Romeo and Juliet Law? How does the Romeo and Juliet law fit into Arizona’s statutory rape laws? What is Arizona’s Mistake of Age Law, and How Does It Differ from Romeo and Juliet Laws? FAQs About Romeo And Juliet Law In Arizona Kolsrud Law Offices Is…

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